Strange error in SQL Server 2005… when aplying SP3

Before going any further, let’s get this straight: I’m not sure whether it’s a bug or not, whether can be reproduced or not, but I care to have this documented.

A machine was re-installed (Win 2003, SQL 2005), having 3 named instances (no default, just named instances). SP3 was applied… and nothing was like before:-). You could start only one instance (any instance, for that matter), but not all of them.

Apparently the solution was to install SP3 on all the instances at the same time, and not one after another.

I know, it’s generic, it might not be relevant because it is that generic, but again, if you ever encounter this, you might want to check this among other things.

best regards,

PS > still couldn’t replicate it, so it must be something else:-)

PS 2 > now ladies and gentlemen… for the solution: NEVER replicate everything from production to each of the instances (that would mean also the system databases).

see here and here for additional details.

as for me, I’m still laughing in tears:-)

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