Tool review – SQL Backup and FTP

We currently do have a process in place that takes a full backup, creates some zip files, sends the over to another server, and whatever else is left. Obviously, it is prone to errors. Therefore I was more than interested to see this tool in action (as recommended by Pinal Dave).

Also, I will not bother you how to install the tool, just go to the site, download and install the tool, and also make sure you read the tutorial that appears after the installation is complete.

What I want to mention, though, is where I think this tool is going: to developers that need a very quick access to a database backup that they can restore on their machines, as well as accidental DBAs that need to take care of small IT shops.

What I see as drawbacks:

  • No way I can use it with anything else than a full backup (filegroup backups, anyone?)
  • No way I can use it with a VLDB – currently we do have some 1+ TB databases that are giving us nightmares, among other things
  • No way I can catch some tricky errors when talking about backups. Just to give you an example, we just had a failed backup that was not caught in the TRY – CATCH block (see this post).

What I see as major benefits:

  • Open SSMS locally to have a backup of, say, AdventureWorks? Why? I can easily do it with this tool
  • Scratch my head where should I put my backup? Why? I have a wizard for that, or, better yet, let the sys admin handle it
  • Why buy expensive software that offers me features that I’ll never use?
    Just to give you an example, how many of us have Red Gate’s SQL Backup to have a play with? And HyperBac? What is that? J Kidding, Red Gate, I LOVE YOUR TOOLS!

As a simple conclusion: if you’re an accidental DBA in charge of a small IT shop, or a developer that needs quick access to a centralized folder will all the backups for either a particular DB or some database backups, this tool is for you. Look no further, it’s more than you’ll ever need.

As for the rest of us, paranoid DBAs with hundreds of database servers, and TB-sized databases, there are some rumors on the street that soon enough we’ll have a way to teleport our backups to the desired location, all at the speed of light. Oh, wait, that was Star Trek…

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4 thoughts on “Tool review – SQL Backup and FTP

    1. Thank you for your kind reply. I am well aware of the backup types that the tool can make. Unfortunatelly, for VLDBs we need to take into account other backup types, such as filegroup backups. That is something I did not see on the interface, and as far as I remember, I was referring specifically to that.
      Best regards,

  1. I commented on Mr. Pinal Dave’s blog that I consider that this particular tool is extremely useful for more than 80% of the DBAs and developers around the world. If simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, then the creators of this tool are true geniuses.
    It’s just that it is not suitable for my backup plans on prod servers – it’s one of those moments when I hate handling VLDBs:-)

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