Remove TDE completely. Really?

I must be getting old, two blog posts in the same year! 🙂

Anyway, I made some additional testing as part of a TDE (Transparent Data Encryption, that is) implementation and I noticed couple of interesting things when you want to remove the TDE completely from the server:

  • When checking sys.databases, tempdb is shown as not encrypted (is_encrypted = 0, not 1, as one would expect).
    You will get the correct status, though, under sys.dm_database_encryption_keys.
  • A simple right-click and restart service would not work in this case. One must stop and then start the SQL Server service in order for the TDE to be completely removed

As a side note, I’m on SQL Server 2012 SP2, did not find the time to check other versions.

How to remove TDE, you might wonder? Well, the lovely guys at simple-talk have the answer for you, I’m not going to repeat it here.

Best regards,

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